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Dr Craig Morgan is an active Screen Composer. Craig is also a Board Member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC).

Dr Morgan is a regular jury member of the Australian Academy of Cinematic and Television Arts (AACTA), specializing in adjudicating original scores created for Australian films. These films range from short films with emerging directors to longer documentaries from more established production teams. Craig is regularly called upon to grade the musical contribution of the score in TropScore and TropFest films. Dr Morgan is regularly called upon to award prizes to the winners at various film-industry events, most recently at the Tropfest Craft awards (February 2017) and KidzFlicks in 2016.

I have also become a strong advocate for the Mental Health and Well-Being of other AGSC Board Members and more importantly the Screen Composers in our guild – some 430 members. I researched this highly stigmatized topic and brought this subject into the light – recently representing the AGSC at a national APRA (Australian Performing and Regularity Authority) event on the subject.


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Craig’s thesis aims to quantify and qualify the parameters surrounding screen music composition in this digital age and introduce to the literature new empirical data together with the experiences of working screen music professionals. Dr Morgan’s research seeks to understand how professional Screen Composers who write music for cinema and television use Virtual Instruments in order to do their jobs.

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